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Starting up for the first time this year (April 2011)

Me and my dad Starting up the engine for the first time, after having re-assembled it after minor restoration.
Cylinder heads were off, leveled, new gasket's and bolts. new water hoses and lots of other stuff...
1minute before this video, the engine shortly fired like 5-10 cylinders and then "died".
This video is the "real" first run, where I keep the engine running.
Still gotta get the timing set correctly, and adjust the new Carburator for idle and correct mixture.
More of this later :)

26/12-2010. Firing up the chevelle for the first time in about 3 months.
The video is recorded with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) so the audio could be better...
The first video with full choker was to much noise for the microphone hehe, so just uploaded this one where the engine has warmed up, and down to normal idle rpm, around 7-800rpm.
Salt on the roads and 20-30cm of snow, so no driving ;)